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October 11, 2013
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-Feraligatr- by arvalis -Feraligatr- by arvalis

I do believe this is the longest I have spent on any one piece in this series.  I did however learn crap tons about croc scales doing this.  How about some flavor text then.

Feraligatr is a very large opportunist carnivore. They live in coastal estuaries and commonly travel between salt and fresh water habitats.  Though they can often be seen standing near upright with their massive tails serving as counter balance, their normal posture is a quadruped and is very clumsy when upright.  They will display like this to ward off smaller members of their species.  This posture will also be used in courtship rituals, females only picking the tallest mate.  Wearing an ostentatious red on their crest and spines is a sign of good health and a full belly.  This color can also be used to intimidate rivals.  This red will almost disappear when the animal is hungry or asleep, aiding in its camouflage.  It may look very slow, but it is capable of a lunge from the water towards prey at up to 78 feet per second catching its meal off guard.  Though very uncommon in the wild today, the Feraligatr is a very sturdy Pokemon and makes for a strong companion.  It is even capable of producing a laugh-like call once standing that sounds exactly like this.

The adolescent Feraligatr is a highly temperamental stage known as Croconaw.  It is at this stage in the wild when the Croconaw will vacate its family unit.  It will rapidly grow during this stage, needing to feed nearly every day before the winter season when their metabolism greatly slows.  This is where this stage gets the nickname "Croconaw", as it will gnaw on just about anything it can find that may or may not be food.  It is not uncommon to find broken Pokeballs in its stomach during autopsies in the Pokemon Nurse Veterinary Academy which the Pokemon presumably mistook for some sort of shellfish.  Here we see the archetypal gnawing of Croconaw on the mega-badass Pokemon, Shuckle.  If Croconaw could talk, he would refer to himself in the third person.

Totodile is the moniker given to the youngest stage of a Feraligatr.  Though they hatch from very small eggs, they will grow quickly, able to reach around two feet at the shoulder when upright in less than a year.  Though this species is thought to be very ancient, they are now quite rare in the wild.  In fact it wasn't until recently, when they were successfully bred in mass, that their species was taken off the critically endangered list.  Their native habitats are still under threat and kept from public knowledge, it is even illegal to catch a wild member of the Feraligatr line should one happen upon one.  For a time, Totodiles were distributed to young trainers as their first Pokemon, known colloquially as a "starter".  This practice was only common in the Johto region around 13 years ago.

Surskits skate along the surface of the water using their hydrophobic feet and their smug attitude.  Look at how its red cheeks openly mock you.

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The Totodile is still adorable.
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Great job on making it realistic! You've done an amazing work as well as the others! Keep on doing it!
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This is awesome! Fantastic!
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Poor Shuckles and Surskit xD
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I love this! I seriously can't stop staring at your works!! The amount of detail you put into your works is crazy!!
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enjoy, no revel in, your skill, there are those of us the imagination but whose trembling hands prevent them from expressing their ideas
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